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Meet Jenna | Tiny House Builder

As a home builder, land developer and plan designer since 1977, I’ve always been fascinated with women who choose to earn a living doing construction work. It’s rare to see a female cutting lumber, or swinging a hammer, but it happens and probably more often than you’d think. With Jenna, it’s more than using a hammer and nails, her and her boyfriend, Guillaumere are building a Tiny Home business and a following that’s pretty impressive!

They quit their jobs and decided to build a tiny house on wheels to travel around North America, blog, take photographs, and live happily ever after. “That’s the plan, at least.”

Jenna used to work as an Executive Assistant at a movie studio, but really wanted to be a travel writer. You can check out more on her at personal blog.

Guillaume used to work as an engineer but quit his 9-5 to become a professional landscape photographer. Check out his skills here:

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They are definitely having a lot of fun with their Tiny Homes venture and it’s great for this old guy to see young people doing what they can to live the American Dream.