Affiliate Program

tiny home plans, sell house plans, tiny house plans store, tiny homes affiliate program, market tiny homesTexas Tiny Homes now offers an Affiliate Vendor Program for bloggers, website owners, online store owners, and those who love the Tiny Home movement. It’s a great program that will provide you with simple, fun income.

You do not need a website to be an affiliate vendor! Once you sign up, you can generate your url hoplink of our DPD store in your affiliate dashboard, which has your tracking code in the link you then share your generated hoplink to your social network on Facebook, or Twitter, or wherever you get lots of views. The rest is fully automated.

If you’re interested in marketing our original, one-of-a-kind luxury home plans you can earn a 35% affiliate advertising fee for each sale. You can join our affiliate program at DPD (digital product delivery)

Here Is How It Works

  • When your readers click your affiliate link and make a purchase, it will be recorded. Texas Tiny Homes will pay your affiliate vendor fee (35% of the sale total) within the first seven days of the month following your sales.
  • Go to DPD and sign-in or register for the Texas Tiny Homes Affiliate Vendor Program.
  • Click here for our easy, 5-step instructions how to receive your hop link once you have signed up.
  • If you have any questions about how it works, click here and you can also contact Texas Tiny by clicking on the contact us link our menu tab. Let us know how we can help.
  • DPD has lots of helpful set up information on their site. click here
  • Don’t have a blog or website or online store, but want one? Our sister company, Brand to Market can build you an online store, as well as incorporate one of its three SEO (search engine optimization) plans, which will begin generating a lot of organic traffic to your online store.
  • Don’t have a website? That’s fine, you don’t need one. Your dashboard will generate a url link with your tracking code built in. Just share the link on your social pages and everything is fully automated. You will receive notice when your link creates a sale and will receive a check at the end of each month for your earned commission. No hassle, easy fun income.

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