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A grandmother’s modern backyard cottage | microhouse

Wanting to be closer to her family, Sylvia recently moved from North Dakota to this modern “granny flat” in her daughter’s Seattle backyard. When her daughter’s family purchased their house, they had made sure it was zoned for an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)and that the yard was large enough to add one. 

The property they chose was ideal for an ADU. The backyard sloped away from the house, with views over the neighboring homes to Seattle’s Lake Washington and the more distant Mount Rainier. The slope would allow for large window areas facing the views and the sun without compromising privacy.

Those factors drove much of the design by architect Bruce Parker of microhouse, a Seattle firm that specializes in backyard cottages. He placed the cottage to one side of the yard so as not to block views from the main house, and put the living room on the downhill end. The bedroom and bathroom are at the other end with the kitchen in the middle.

Source: A grandmother’s modern backyard cottage | microhouse

Two 40′ Containers For Sale (SOLD) | $700 each| Austin

container 6SOLD!

We have two – 40′ foot containers for sale in Austin. They will be disconnected from their current location and ready for you to pic up 3rd week of May. You can keep the sloping added shed roofs on top or remove them. Some access holes have been cut through them for electrical conduit, and air conditioning, but are in great shape. $700.00 must pick up with a flat bed rig and haul away!container 5

container 2Must act fast if you want one or both. They are on a first come, first serve basis. Will be available the 3rd week of May! 

We can design you something like these below that would make really great guest homes on your property, or full time homes for singles or a couple.





These empty containers usually go for between $1400 up to $3500 for this size!