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1. How much would Texas Tiny Homes charge you to build our Plan # ________ ? Click here to calculate the ball park price for us to build you one of our homes. Because we are a true "custom" home builder the prices our formula's provide is only a starting place, but the amounts are calculated as though we were building it as one of our luxury models. You could scale back the finish out, delete some of our planned features in our plans to bring down the cost. Until we know how you want to finish out the interior and exterior of your home we aren't able to provide you with an actual sales price. We can determine an accurate cost by creating a specification sheet with you and then getting formal bids from our vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.

2. Does Texas Tiny Homes design and build homes on trailers?

No, we only build site-built luxury homes at this time, but are working on offering a shippable home, Plan 336, but that home will require an inexpensive, wide-load permit and have an additional transport, set-up cost based on your location.

3. Does Texas Tiny Homes have any model homes you can come and see? 

Not yet, but we are in the process of building our first Texas Tiny Homes model in Granbury, Texas and we have a supply of lots to build one for you.

4. Does Texas Tiny Homes provide in house financing for our homes? 

Not yet, but because our homes are site built any residential mortgage lender will be interested in providing you with a loan. We suggest getting with a lender in your town, or desired new home location, and they will be more than happy to assist you with the process.

5. Where can we find a lot or land that will allow tiny and small homes?

We have lots in Granbury, Texas that will allow 600 sq. ft and up, and hope to have homes starting at $150,000.00. Every town, state and residential subdivision/community is different and have varying minimum size home requirements, while some have no requirements. We recommend that you get with a Realtor in your desired location and have them do a search for available lots that will allow tiny or small homes, or that have no size requirements.

6. Can Texas Tiny Homes stock plans be modified? 

Yes, but modifications are only available on our retail priced plans. Our dramatically reduced plans (90% to 95% off) can also be modified, but only after the retail price is paid. We will include up to 8 hours of basic modifying at no additional cost. Major modifications taking longer than four hours to process will be bid according as to what you have in mind.

7.  Can Texas Tiny Homes custom design you a plan for your desired style of architecture and your specifications?

Yes, click here!

8. Will Texas Tiny Homes build plans that you purchased elsewhere?

Not typically, but send us an email describing your plans, city, state, budget and will get back with you right away.

9. Do Texas Tiny Homes stock plans come with a materials list, and a price for the materials?

Some of our plans do have a materials list, but not all. Because we are true custom design/build company, we leave it up our customers to tell us what kind of materials they wish to use to build their home with, we then price it out accordingly. It's like ordering a new vehicle, but with hundreds more options to choose from. However, if you're planning on building the home yourself, a real lumber company in your town will be happy to do a plan take off for you; including the framing lumber, exterior doors, windows, roofing materials, and lots of other items you might wish to buy from them, as will Home Depot or Lowe's.

10. Where does Texas Tiny Homes build new homes?

Right now, we are primarily focused on building in Granbury but are open to discussing building in other parts of Texas.


The above "Questions and Answers" cover most of the inquiries people email or call us about. Please check them out first. Thanks!