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A grandmother’s modern backyard cottage | microhouse

Wanting to be closer to her family, Sylvia recently moved from North Dakota to this modern “granny flat” in her daughter’s Seattle backyard. When her daughter’s family purchased their house, they had made sure it was zoned for an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)and that the yard was large enough to add one. 

The property they chose was ideal for an ADU. The backyard sloped away from the house, with views over the neighboring homes to Seattle’s Lake Washington and the more distant Mount Rainier. The slope would allow for large window areas facing the views and the sun without compromising privacy.

Those factors drove much of the design by architect Bruce Parker of microhouse, a Seattle firm that specializes in backyard cottages. He placed the cottage to one side of the yard so as not to block views from the main house, and put the living room on the downhill end. The bedroom and bathroom are at the other end with the kitchen in the middle.

Source: A grandmother’s modern backyard cottage | microhouse

Our Granbury Lots – New Construction – (We Sold Our Lots)

New Homes Granbury, Texas Tiny Homes, Texas Retirement Towns, Small Luxury Home Communities, Granbury Texas Homes

These pictures were taken yesterday in the Granbury Community we have purchased 12 lots so far. These site-built homes by other builders or individuals are obviously not “tiny”, nor are the ones we will be building in the community due to the minimum size requirements in the deed restrictions, but it’s a good sign to see new homes going up in the older development, and these larger homes provide added assurance we made the right decision with this community. New Homes Granbury, Texas Tiny Homes, Texas Retirement Towns, Small Luxury Home Communities, Granbury Texas Homes

There are also about 10 brand new modular homes that have been brought into the community since we started buying lots this time last year, which is another good sign and provides additional assurance we made a good decision. The community has been in Granbury since the 80’s and has much older site built and modular homes scattered around the community but some of those older homes are being replaced with new ones, which also provides some additional assurance. New Homes Granbury, Texas Tiny Homes, Texas Retirement Towns, Small Luxury Home Communities, Granbury Texas Homes

UPDATE: Due to the extreme price gouging with new home construction we are not available to build you a new home at this time!! Our wooded lots have an 800 square feet minimum requirement, but depending on the lot size, we can build you a larger home. We are planning to offer site-built luxury homes starting around $150K for the smaller footage requirement homes, including the land.

If you would be interested in having Texas Tiny Homes custom design and build you a home on our Granbury lots this link provides information on how to get the process started.

A Modern Residence on Lac des Trois Mille in the Eastern Townships – TOWER TRIP

Thanks to agent Vincent Morin & Nathan Gagnon, who specializes in waterfront properties and weekend retreat residences, for sharing with us this property located on Lac des Trois Mille in Ste-Cécile-de-Whitton.

“This unique view on the lake and the wonderfully contemporary style of the property will immediately captivate your sight. The lake is perfect for fishing (trout, goldfish, bass) or any water sports. This modern property also has two porches, a spa and a sauna : perfect for a main residence or a second home for the weekends”.

With perfect intimacy and no close neighbors, the very quiet and peaceful 2012 construction should definitely charm you. To learn more about this listing, contact the listing brokers. As TOWER TRIP affiliates, we know for a fact that they will take great care of you!

Source: Fresh Listing: A Haven of Peace and Modern Residence on Lac des Trois Mille in the Eastern Townships – TOWER TRIP

Quonset Hut


The design of the Quonset hut was based on the Nissen hut which is founded by the British during the First World War for military who need safe, economical and dependable storage space.

Quonset hut is also known as Arch Buildings due to its shape. The prefabricated building provides benefits that no other pre-engineered building provides, from high security and cheapest cost for the ability to withstand hurricanes, blizzards – whatever Mother Nature sends their way.

Source: Quonset Photos

Quonset Hut: Design and History

During the World War II, it is considered that many Quonset huts were built and utilized in the combat field by the US military. The George A. Fuller construction company was chosen to construct these huts. The first was developed within sixty days. The design was a 5 m × 11 m (16 ft. × 36 ft.) structure made by steel members with a 2.4 m (8 ft.) radius. The two ends of these huts were covered by plywood, which had doors as well as windows. The sides of the huts were corrugated steel sheets and the interior had pressed a wood floor and wood lining. The building could be placed on pilings, on concrete, or on the ground with a wood floor.

Metal Quonset Building

While most buildings were built from the metal, the United States military also had a wooden that was rarely utilized. The huts were very popular because they could be sent anywhere and then set up in only a few hours with the help of enough people.

The great thing about the Quonset huts is that they could be utilized for anything like storage bays, medical areas, living quarters, workshops, etc. Before these huts came along you had the alternatives of using civilian buildings, and canvas tent.

Quonset huts get their name (‘Quonset’) because they were first made at a place which is known as Quonset Point, which is situated on the Rhode Island, USA. During the Second World War, Between 150,000 and 170,000 Quonset huts were constructed. When the World War II ended the US Army required a way to aside the massive surplus of huts that they had, hence they made a decision to sell them to people.

Many buildings still stand throughout the United State and also they are seen in museums of military and other areas featuring Second World War memorabilia. Some huts are used at Unites State military bases.