Mission Ambition

Mission Ambition is the first book from the creator of the Award Winning, International company, Texas Tiny Homes, Inc that has hundreds and hundreds of house plan design clients, and plan buying customer in 9 countries so far, including those in 48 US states. Bryan David Smith, it’s founder has been a trend setting plans designer, high-end, luxury home builder, land developer in North Central Texas since 1977.

“Wth a newly married bride by my side and roughly $500 dollars to my name—and a dream that most of my friends and family didn’t believe—I launched Bryan Smith Homes in 1977. I was a 19-year-old kid who’d barely graduated from Irving High School in 1975, but suddenly had new financial expectations. I had neither a clue if I could fulfil them, nor a clue about business or how to build a successful company, but something inside me provided the strength and courage to pursue that dream anyway.

Mission Ambition is my story about my humble beginning. I went on to achieve unexpected success at a young age, and did so without the help of the internet, computers, or smartphones that today’s young professionals use. There also weren’t any “how to” videos available on multiple social media sites.

I share stories and insights into my personal life, some details of the first few homes I built in North Central Texas, and remember my company’s first land development project, Bryan Park. That’s right—there’s a street named after me in Irving, Texas, approved by the Irving Planning and Zoning Commission and the Irving City Council.

I also provide tips and insight that I hope will inspire you and serve as a learning experience if you’re interested in becoming a home builder, real estate developer, or young business owner.

If self-made wealth is a goal, I will share how I managed to become a millionaire by the age of 25 and a multimillionaire just three years later.”

“Mission Ambition is a book I wish I could have read when I was 19 and just starting out!” 



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