Barcroft Media – Five-Part Documentary Series

Barcoft Media, TV Series Tiny Homes,  Tiny Homes Documentary,  Tiny Home TV Shows A producer for Barcroft Media, a multimedia and productions company based in London and New York reached out to Texas Tiny Homes this week looking for some tiny small homes that are “really unique.”  She said one of the homes that will be featured in their five-part documentary series is in the shape of a dragon, one is a house on stilts and another is house made of mirrors, so in terms of our tiny home “we’re looking for something truly unique.”

Barcoft Media, TV Series Tiny Homes,  Tiny Homes Documentary,  Tiny Home TV Shows “We are currently producing a five-part documentary series for one of the world’s largest social media networks (it’s the one you’re thinking of but because they haven’t put out a press release we’re not supposed to name them yet). It’s got 2.19 billion monthly active users.
We’ll document home owners who are currently in the process of building or remodeling their homes – we will be capturing how people change their environments to bring themselves greater happiness and how they use their living space to mirror their passions, aspirations and identity. Essentially, we are interested in tapping into people’s creativity, ingenuity, engineering prowess, expertise in a particular area and determination to create the perfect living space for themselves and their families.

Top of our list of priorities is finding builds being worked on at the moment that could work for the series. We’ll be filming between June 23 and August 24 and can travel anywhere in the world. One area we would love to cover is tiny homes! I wondered if there was any chance you were involved in building a property at the moment that might fit this remit? We’re looking for somewhere that stands out in some way – besides it’s obvious big selling point of being a tiny house – a place that surprises you for its quirky and unusual interiors/exteriors.”

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