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Building Off The Grid – Season 3 Episodes

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The casting director for the DIY Network TV show, “Building Off Grid” reached out to Texas Tiny Homes today to see if we, or any of our plan customers would be interested in being featured in a Season 3 Episode.

“We’re looking throughout the United States for folks who will soon be building an off-grid dwelling (i.e. starting within in the next few months). We cannot consider homes that are already underway.”

“All types of structures can be considered i.e. straw bale, earthship, tiny homes, yurts, container homes, earth-sheltered, log, stick-built, or whatever else your imagination comes up with! If you’re chosen for this project there is generous pay involved.

If you’re interested, please click on our contact tab and send an email expressing your interest and goal and I will forward your information to the casting director. We can provide you with the construction plans if you do not already have them.

**Please note, in order to be considered for the show, the home must be built on the land where it will ultimately exist (as opposed to being built in a warehouse and then transported to the land)**

A Nonprofit Organization | Domes for the World

medium_img-1284Domes for the WorldDFTW Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides the training, tools and methods for constructing superior shelters and complete community systems, both urban and rural, for the world’s most needy. Monolithic EcoShells and Monolithic Domes are at the heart of those methods.



Source: A Nonprofit Organization | Domes for the World