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Sneak Peek – New 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Plan Design

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New Plan Design – this is a new Texas Tiny Homes plan design in the works for a small, 3 bedroom, 2 bath luxury home for some of our Granbury lots. It will feature a simple, low cost to build elevation and amenities unlike most of our original, one-of-a-kind plans this size. However, it will be super energy efficient with its 2 X 6 exterior walls and close cell blown attic roof rafters. The homes heating and air conditioning system will be located in the much cooler attic environment and provide dramatically reduced utility bills. The main room of the home will feature a flat 10′ high ceiling and the rest of the home will have 9′ flat ceilings.

Healthy Home – the envelope of this home will be super tight, so we plan to install a fresh air system incorporated into the heating and air-conditioning unit that removes dead air and any toxic off gassing that develop inside the home from cooking, furniture, building products, etc.

Square Footage and Appraisal– the square footage for this plan has not been fully determined yet but the goal is to be under 1100 conditioned square feet. The design has now been handed off to one of our architects to produce it in their 3D Autocad, which will provide the exact footage, as well as 3D rendering of the exterior and interior.  This home will have much smaller covered porch footage than most of our small luxury homes and are doing so in an effort to make it more affordable, and be more in line with what some of the other home builders are offering in the community. Most of our small home designs far exceed what they will appraise for due to their large covered porches, vaulted cathedral ceilings, exposed rafter tails, and standing metal seam roofs and lots of eye candy that dramatically increase the cost to build, but far exceed lender appraisals. This design was done to be more inline with the comparables for the community our lots are located in, but will still be one of the nicest new homes being built there.




3 Creek Lots | Granbury, Texas (SOLD)

Make sure your youtube settings are at 1080 before watching. Texas Tiny Homes has 8 lots in Granbury that back up to an active creek. This video features the back of 3 of those lots. The sound of water flowing by, as well as going over a small waterfall was so soothing on this cool fall Saturday while filming this video. Lots of creative design and engineering possibilities were also flowing as I was back there checking out the lots and determining what type of homes will need to be designed and built.

A grandmother’s modern backyard cottage | microhouse

Wanting to be closer to her family, Sylvia recently moved from North Dakota to this modern “granny flat” in her daughter’s Seattle backyard. When her daughter’s family purchased their house, they had made sure it was zoned for an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)and that the yard was large enough to add one. 

The property they chose was ideal for an ADU. The backyard sloped away from the house, with views over the neighboring homes to Seattle’s Lake Washington and the more distant Mount Rainier. The slope would allow for large window areas facing the views and the sun without compromising privacy.

Those factors drove much of the design by architect Bruce Parker of microhouse, a Seattle firm that specializes in backyard cottages. He placed the cottage to one side of the yard so as not to block views from the main house, and put the living room on the downhill end. The bedroom and bathroom are at the other end with the kitchen in the middle.

Source: A grandmother’s modern backyard cottage | microhouse

Three Wooded Lots | Granbury, Texas – SOLD

This Texas Tiny Homes video features three of the wooded lots we have recently purchased in Granbury, Texas. We have a total of 4 so far, but are hoping to purchase another 10 to 15 for build-to-suit, contract jobs. One of these three lots may be used to build our very first model home on.

Send us an email if you would be interested in having us design and build you a home on one of our lots in Granbury. The projected starting price for these lots will be around $85,000.00; including the lot. This link provides some of the options necessary to meet that starting price. Thank-you for watching!