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200+ Fruit Tree & Urban Garden In Tempe, Arizona

As you plan your future that may include; off grid living in a tiny or small home, or living off the land, or homesteading, as many in the tiny and small house movement are doing, this video by, DIY Homestead Project provides some great food for thought.  They visited, Jake, a vegan marshal arts athlete in Tempe, Arizona, to get a tour of his home's amazing garden he created to get some ideas and input for their homestead not far from Tempe. 

Arizona Tiny Homes, Arizona Homesteading, Arizona Tiny House Plans, Arizona Fruit Garden, Arizona Water Harvesting, Arizona Small HomesDIY Homestead Project is a young couple,  Derick and Hannah, who have purchased land and built a 24' feet long tiny house from scratch in the Arizona desert.  They are also digital entrepreneur nomads and promote a minimalist, debt free, lifestyle. They have some really great "How To" video's about their journey and we will be sharing some of those video's for those of you planning on building your own tiny or small home paradise.  


$300 Cabin – Off Grid

This adventurous couple purchased 5 acres of land in the Pacific Northwest where they will be working to develop our off grid homestead 100% from scratch. While they will be working to build their timber frame barn and eventually timber frame house, winter has arrived and they had neither! They are boondocking in their RV and needed a way to winterize + stay warm.

They decided to build this little cabin as an add-on to their RV. Right now, their RV is under a ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box which has no insulation whatsoever. They thought that if they could build a small 10′ x 12′ cabin onto the end of the carport that we could heat the entire enclosure with a wood stove. They have been working to insulation the carport fully, so between all of their efforts they have managed to heat the inside to 68 degrees!

The best part of all is that they built this off grid cabin ourselves with reclaimed materials. Instead of spending $3,000+ to build this cabin, they did it for about $300. Most of these materials came from a demolition they were able to help out with which you can see in their other videos. They also were able to salvage many second-hand building materials with a barter flyer they put up around town.

They are loving their little cabin! Have they ever built a cabin before? NOPE! Do they feel more confident about their building skills? Yes! Did they learn a lot that they can implement when building their barn and house? YES!

How To Build a Tiny House | eCourse

tiny home instruction, how to build tiny homes, tiny homes classes, tiny homes education, Dan Louche, owner of Tiny Home Builders, has been designing and building Tiny Homes since 2009 and has created an ecourse of how to video’s that will teach you how to build your own tiny home. Follow along with Dan Louche as he builds and teaches you how to build a tiny house from beginning to end. Watch as he explains and demonstrates each step along the way. The lessons are ordered and broken up into small, easy to learn segments. It’s like attending a workshop in your own house (without the travel costs), that you can then attend again and again as many times as you want.

Each lesson also includes a forum to ask questions and to interact with other users on that specific topic.


Get instant access to our entire online training course (currently over 7 hours of instruction) including access to our private forum to ask questions and interact with other users.

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