Off Grid | Major League System Install

Planning on living off grid? If so, check out this major league system, install. Need help with designing your off grid options?…

This beautiful property in Alabama is on over 100 acres and features a new construction home, a large garage building, and a tiny house that we are taking fully off-grid. We’ve been communicating with this customer for some time planning their home’s off-grid infrastructure and are finally able to get to the exciting part of putting it all together. If you need help with your off-grid project, you can start a consultation with us using the link below Get a Consultation…

00:00 Intro
01:00 Site Walkthrough
02:00 Mech Room Walkthrough
04:21 Tiny House Sub Feed
06:04 System Specs
11:42 Hotspot Energy ACDC12C
12:26 Is solar possible to DIY?
15:02 Solar Panels Required for HVAC
16:22 Finishing up the Tiny House

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