Each of our plans are truly custom, one-of-a-kind, luxury homes that we can build you on one of our lots, or on your lot or acreage, (depending on your location), and to your specifications and reasonable budget.

Our base price for each of our house plans was calculated based on how we would build the home if it were going to be one of our own luxury models. Our base price includes detailed, line items sales price that includes a set of allowances we have determined will meet our model home expectations, and should be sufficient to meet most of our clients expectations for the price paid. However, because we are a custom builder, we let you decide how you want the home finished out. The allowances act as your guideline template so to speak, but until we know what your taste is, and how you want the home finished out, we have no way of pricing it out accurately to your specifications, so we provide fair and reasonable allowances and specification within our build-to-suit contracts, as is the case with most seasoned, professional customer home builders. In the event you wish to increase some of the provided allowances, that is fine with us, we will prepare a change order, which you will agree to the difference and sign off on it, and we collect the difference per each change order, as it's requested. In the event you select something that is less expensive to install than what we have allowed in the allowance, specifications, you will receive credit towards any of your increase change orders. Increases in allowance line items include a 15% builder profit. Builders earn a profit based on the over-all cost of the home; including the items in the right column below, except for the financing costs you may or may not incur, depending on if you pay cash for the home, or not. We do not charge a builder profit for that since it's not a job we design, contract or oversee.

Base Price Include The Following Line Items:

Personal Builder Representation
Onsite Construction Management
Professional Decorating Assistance
City or County Inspections
Builder Risk Insurance Policy
Onsite Porta Potty/Construction Cleanup
1-Year Written Standard Builder Warranty
10 -Year Written Limited Structural Warranty

Base Price Does Not Include The Follow Line Items:

Construction Loan - Mortgage Financing Costs
Building Permit/Impact and Utility Connection Fee’s
Pad Site Excavation/Dirt-work, Retaining Walls
Soil Testing, Surveys, Foundation Engineering
Septic System, Water Well, Sprinkler System
Temporary Monthly Electric Service
Cost of Providing Utilities To Site If Needed
Fencing, Decks, Landscaping, Driveways, Sidewalks

Our #1 Goal is to build the finest homes possible per the specifications and budget, and our founder has been honing the art of fine home building since 1977. You will not find a better built home by someone with more experience, who is more hands on, that is more creative, for less cost. Every home Texas Tiny Homes agrees to design and build for clients will be built as though it were one of our own models. Unlike most home builders, we do not let our subcontractors baby-sit our homes during construction. Each home we design and build will be carefully overseen from start to finish. Our trades, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers are top professionals and most carry their own general liability policy. Bryan Smith's hi-end luxury homes achieved the highest appraisal value of any home in all the developments he built in since 1977, which did not happen by chance. That same standard of excellence will be incorporated into each home we design and build, and that's a promise we guarantee.

**The items not included in our base price are options that Texas Tiny Homes offers our clients on a per need, per bid basis. Those bids will be based on cost plus 15% for handling and overseeing, funding as part of the builder profit all home builders earn. You are welcome to have some of those option items done yourself, but they will not be included in our provided warranties. We warranty what we contract to build, install, oversee. 

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