Design Build Process | First Steps

This page was created to provide information to those interested in having Texas Tiny Homes build you a new home in Granbury, Texas or nearby locations. Below are some of the questions we are asked about the build process:

  • How do we get started with the design/build process?
  • What kind of loan do we need to get if we aren’t paying cash?
  • How much will it cost to build a home in Granbury?
  • Does Texas Tiny Homes offer in-house financing for a new home?
  • How long will it take for Texas Tiny Homes to build our home?
  • Can we make our own selections?
  • Will you build us our own plan on your lots?
  • Do you provide free estimates?

Those are all good questions, so let’s get started.

  1. Unless you are planning to pay cash for a new home, the first step would be to sit down with a mortgage lender and do a formal loan application to see what you comfortably qualify for with a new home loan amount. We do not offer in-house financing, but can provide you with some lender options if you don’t already have one in mind.
  2. A “One Time Close” loan is something to consider when having a home custom built for you, which funds the construction of the home and provides the long term mortgage with one loan and one close, saving you time and expense. Here is a link on why that kind of loan makes sense.
  3. If you are planning to pay cash for a home, the first step would be to decide which one of our in-stock plans works best for you, or if a plan will need to be custom designed to meet your wants and needs and then find a lot(s) it will work on within your total budget. See #8 below on pricing.
  4. Qualifying for a loan amount, or determining how much cash you plan to spend on a new home will help narrow down the size and finish-out of home that meets your budget, or loan amount, and what size lot will be necessary.
  5. The time frame to design, bid and build you a new home will depend on how quickly you’re able to make design and specification decisions. It will also depend on the weather, and the availability of materials you select, and our subcontractors schedule. Once we break ground, a reasonable time frame to construct one of our small homes is approximately 90-days. Weather can dramatically affect the timeline, especially in the pre-dried-in stage of construction. Once the home is dried-in and the exterior facade is complete, the weather doesn’t really effect the interior finish-out timeline.
  6. We are a custom home builder, so we let you make finish-out decisions/selections, but we must approve your exterior selections; such as the facade materials used, exterior stain/paint colors, and your roof material and colors.
  7. We are open to building a plan you already have as long as it meets the deed restriction requirements for our lots, as well as the architectural control committee approval requirements, and the US building codes and requirements, and the State of Texas building code requirements, as well as it meets our requirements.
  8. We offer free, ballpark estimates for our current stock plans as provided on each plan page, but require a non-refundable deposit for us to create a detailed specifications sheet with you. Once the plans and specifications are complete, we then have the construction plans and specifications formally bid with our vendors, suppliers, subcontractors. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to create the specifications, bidding and building a spreadsheet budget. However, if you elect to move forward with Texas Tiny Homes building the home for you, your deposit with us is considered part of your down-payment with the lender and it’s part of our earned builder profit.

As of 2023, Texas Tiny Homes has a tentative starting price of $210K in Granbury for a 600 square feet home -air-conditioned footage- including the lot, which is the minimum size requirement for some of our lots. That price does include a black and grey water waste treatment option (we have multiple choices available, including off grid composting toilet(s) that are very popular with tiny and some homes. That price does not include any loan fees, or construction loan costs (interest payments on construction loan), garages or carports, landscaping, fencing, driveways, retaining walls, and soil testing, piers if needed, or solar system, or water well, or tying into a community system (each non city development has different pricing for that) or a building permit (each non city development has their own permit pricing that vary in cost). If you select a in town, city lot, the city of Granbury provides the building permit and pricing is based on the size and estimation of price of home).  Extensive excavation or a large amount of fill dirt that may be required on the lot you elect to purchase, is not priced in that starting price.

We offer multiple types of “build job” contracts and one of those is a, “Cost Plus a Percentage Fee” contract, which allows you to see exactly how every dollar is spent to construct your home, as well as how much we earn in builder profit. These contracts are tied to your line item budget, so if you decide to spend more on certain line items than you initially selected during the specifications process, the additional cost of the line time, plus our builder profit percentage will incur. If you decide to scale back on any budget line items you will incur a credit for the difference that includes our builder profit. If lumber or concrete or other specified materials go up or down in cost from the time they were formally bid to the time they are actually purchased and installed, you will be either incur an additional expense or earn credit.

We also offer “Fixed Price” contracts that come with a detailed set of allowances based on our specifications and do not require a deposit until you are ready to move forward with signing our build-to-suit contract. You will not see the cost breakdown of the home or our builder profit, but same cost overruns and processing applies if you exceed the provided allowances by selecting more expensive items than provided in the allowances. This version of our contracts is generally higher because we will be absorbing the penitential rise in cost of materials, not you. Materials are a commodity, which can fluctuate on a daily basis due to rising cost in manufacturing, and shipping costs.

Our non-refundable deposit amount depends on the size of the home. Our larger homes have a lot more line item details that have to be selected and priced, so a lot more time is involved creating those specs and budgets. The deposit amount on our homes 1000 feet and smaller, including exterior covered footage is $950.00 dollars. The deposit amount for homes that are over 1000 feet, including exterior covered footage are $1500.00. Again, the deposit covers our time involved working with and for you, but is applied to your down payment should you elect to move forward with Texas Tiny Homes, Inc. building you the home.

If you happen to be a cash buyer, meaning you won’t be getting a loan, we have a draw schedule that you will make payments towards the purchase price as the home progresses along with construction, including the initial deposit once we have arrived at a cost and sales price and a contract to build is executed. We also have our vendors, suppliers and subcontractors sign lien waivers when they are paid, so you are comfortable that the bills on your home are paid in full.

Texas Tiny Homes goal and priority is to build you the very best home your budget allows, and in a timely, efficient manner, and we earn a fair, reasonable profit.