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America has a serious problem with Homeless Veterans, and our leaders are doing little to correct the heart breaking crisis. Every major city in America has homeless Veterans trying to survive in horrible scenario’s and that needs to change. Texas Tiny Homes is designing a one person tiny home plan, that is as self sustaining as possible, that can be placed on city owned properties and connected to city sanitation. This particular plan I am sharing in this page was designed by an Architect overseas, and has some nice features about it that work for what I have in mind but our unit will be similar, but better and a little more functional. 620x320xdiogene-renzo-piano-c.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Vhx7Ui-YQ5 We plan to design and build a prototype model that can be used to do a formal fundraiser campaign with, and to present to the leaders of the largest city municipalities in Texas. Diogene Interior

The sketch below is sort of what I have in mind. I believe Dallas county has grants available to fund housing in parts of Dallas that need new life and a new purpose.


Texas Tiny Homes needs an investor to partner with this particular prototype design to market to Texas City municipalities to see what funding and locations might be available for this sort of village concept, but will also market it our customers needing an inexpensive, back-yard guest room.

On an average, twenty two dear Veterans take their life every single day, let’s do something to change that.


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